Art Jewelry Studio

Naheyiyi art jewelry

Crafted and boutique jewelry from NAHEYIYI studio located in Toronto, Canada.

 We draw inspiration from contemporary art and nature, focusing on traditional techniques with simple and elegant designs. NAHEYIYI jewelry uses a variety of semi-precious stones set in recycled silver and copper. As an eco-friendly online shop and design studio, we design all our own products, and we support plastic-free, reusable packaging, as well as fair trade. Our designs also reflect our values, such as diversity and living in harmony with nature. We hope that the people who wear our designs feel empowered by them.

NAHEYIYI is composed of two girls, Yiyimio and Laluna. Yiyimio makes handcrafted jewelry using traditional skill and modern techniques with an emphasis on simple and elegant designs. She graduated from School of Architecture of Nanjing University in 2009. She had a varied career encompassing Space Design, Product Design – which have all fed into her practice as a jeweler. The way of thinking in architectural design has been influencing her all the time. It makes the design more logical and makes the dialogue between structure form, reason and sensibility more harmonious. In her works, whether it is space or ornaments, they are involved in the body from different directions and affect the body. Through different design carriers, the same problem-where is the boundary of the body that is about to be discussed.

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