Rabbits are coming out in April

labradorite rabbit necklace


In the world of art and literature, bunnies and rabbits have always held a special place.These furry creatures are often associated with Easter day, a time of renewal and rebirth. 

labradorite necklace for bunny lover


Their playful and innocent nature make them a popular symbol of the season, as they remind us of the joy and hope that come with new beginnings.

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We made some hare bunnies necklaces with labradorite stone in the early year because 2023 is the rabbit zodiac year, rabbits are known for their gentle and sensitive nature.Those born under this sign are said to be compassionate and artistic, with love for beauty and harmony.

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Perhaps this connection to art and beauty has inspired so many artists and writers to feature bunnies and rabbits in their works.

green labradorite necklace

blue labradorite necklace

gold labradorite necklace, bunny pendant

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