7x5 inches watercolor original and print painting.
It is printed on 210 gsm paper which is taken from an original watercolour illustration. The quality of the print is excellent; the colours are rich and deep, and the paper has a subtle, satiny texture.
    Morphi Series includes 12 paintings. This is a story of evolution. We are a new race of creatures named Morphi, adapting to a new world and learning from it. We mimic the creatures around us and adapt their shapes.
    Watercolor art
    We want to be one of them but we also want to keep changing our forms to become something new.Although it is a new world, it’s also a connected world. We are trying to find the ties that bind us. The connections could be physical or digital or emotional or even spiritual.
    This series of illustrations chronicle our adventures to find new connections and meanings in the world after a prolonged period of isolation, just as humanity is entering a new world after the pandemic. 
    Morphi has morphed into a cat-like shape because he’s curious about exploring this environment but also wants to keep himself half-hidden.
    Draft painting
    "Find Transparency"  
    Who's missing a piece of glass ?  Find new toys.
    Process watercolor
    Morphi discovers a piece of broken glass from a previous civilization that becomes his new toy.  Everything that passes through it changes color and shape. For the first time they are learning the definition of transparency. In fact, Morphi doesn’t have the ability to think creatively at the moment because he’s been isolated for so long that he feels like he’s entering a new world and becoming a new creature.
    Everything is interconnected in nature
    Every other creature that comes in contact with Morphi adopts certain traits and shapes that resemble him. In this way, Morphi has a vast influence over his environment. Everything in this image is interconnected as in nature. That is the yellow thread that runs through this image.
    Thank you for your visit. You can find Morphi in our website or Etsy shop.


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