Maligano Jasper Painting

maligano jasper

Maligano Jasper is a newcomer to the jasper group. It is a variety of brecciated Jasper discovered in Indonesia around 2011-2012.
maligano jasper silver box
Maligano Jasper, the name comes from the tiny village located on the island of Sulawesi. For us it was love at first sight. I truly get lost in the muted palette of grey, orange and white, much like the famous artist Morandi.
jewelry in process, naheyiyi studio
The Maligano gemstone is as unique and individual as a painting. How are we going to frame it? There’s no need to embellish the stone when this minimalist silver frame is perfect.
Maligano jasper necklace
maligano jasper necklace
This is my third winter in Toronto. In mid-January, a heavy snowfall blanketed the city, turning the city into a gray and white world. Stuck at home watching the snowfall, I fell into a thoughtful and solitary trance. 
maligano jasper necklace by naheyiyi
Dark mountain with a backdrop of snow reveals our reverence for nature.
snow in Toronto
Winters are so cold and quiet but also peaceful. When we walk around on these snowy trails in a forest park all the trees and even the pinecones are dusted with a magical layer of snow like a fairy tale. In this design with matte black silver, we try to capture the winter vibe and light. .
Maligano jasper Necklace
maligano jasper necklace, handmade jewelry

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